Announcement: Scott Adkins Workout Routine – Building a body like Boyka

Scott Adkins Workout WP

I’ve never liked going to the gym. And it’s not that I’m a couch potato. Far from it –  I used to sprint for all my schools and I’ve been a dedicated martial artist for over 13 years (and counting), learning various martial arts including full contact Karate and Kickboxing. I never liked going to the gym because I simply never wanted to look or be like the guys there.

Yes, they were huge. Yes, they were strong. But they were also grossly disproportionate and painfully slow. As a martial artist, I didn’t want biceps the size of my own head, and I didn’t need to be able to bench a rhino’s weight. I didn’t want to be huge if I was gonna be clumsy and not be able to fit into a suit, so I stayed away from lifting too much weight. It was all severely overrated to me. Until I discovered Boyka, that is.


Yuri Boyka. How’s that for a perfect physique. Scott Adkins’ workout routine had to be pretty impressive for him to have the combination of size, strength, speed, power, flexibility and agility, not to mention martial arts skill. You noticed him doing flying kicks and flips right? I don’t know of a single conventional bodybuilder who has such a perfect combination.


Put the fancy kicks, tricks and flips aside; those are feats which you can probably learn at your local martial arts class (with tonnes of practice, of course). What I really wanted to know was how he was able to build his muscle proportionally, without hindering his martial ability and/or speed at all. In fact, it seems like his training made him even faster and more powerful. He built what I like to refer to as “The Superhero Body”. Perfectly balanced, powerful, yet practical and not over-muscled. Did I mention supremely attractive? Let’s face it – Even women these days aren’t attracted by those ‘body-builder/meat head” types. They wouldn’t be able to control themselves with a Boyka/Scott Adkins around though. Heck, I wouldn’t be able to control myself, either. So I did some digging, and here’s what I found:


Click Here to Build Proportional, Lean Muscle







How do I build muscle, proportionally?

Inside, you’ll find 3 videos explaining the principles behind building a large but proportional and attractive physique. Instead of focusing purely on huge mass gains, the first video explains why you’ve got to be careful performing ‘The Big 3′ exercises:

  1. Squats
  2. Dead Lifts
  3. Bench Presses

These exercises are very commonly over-promoted for fat loss and muscle building and can cause a disproportionate and imbalanced physique, making you look like a total knuckle head. Not good. Here’s an excerpt from the site.

“As the video shows…adding muscle in the wrong places creates a rounded “curvy” look. As a guy you are not aiming for an hour-glass figure. Simply chasing a muscle gain number is a nearly guaranteed way to kill you chances of a lean and angular physique.”

Ideal rep ranges for building Size and Density

The second video on the site explains the difference between training for size  and training for density, and what rep ranges to use for which goal.

According to the video, if your goal is to build size fast, perform exercises in the rep range of 6-15, focusing on fatiguing the muscles. If your goal is muscular strength and density a.k.a ‘hardness’, focus on a lower rep range of 1-5. Best results come from a complex combination of the 2 which is outlined in the course.

“Too much sarcoplasmic focused training? This creates that large “fluffy” look. The muscles look doughy and rounded -not- sharp and angular.

Too much focus on myofibrillar training?  This creates smaller dense muscles. Although the muscles are hard and angular, they tend to be undersized.”


The Shrink Wrap Effect

The third and last video explains the ‘shrink-wrap effect’. Have you ever had a good gym/training session where you looked in the mirror and had pretty impressive definition, only to have it disappear the next morning? This video explains how to maintain that tightness for a much longer period of time. We’re talking weeks here. It covers standard techniques and advanced tips to achieve those goals.



Does the course work?

I bought the course and started on it a couple weeks ago. I haven’t been following the program strictly due to my schedule, though. However, I’m honestly quite happy with the results I’ve got so far from training just 2-3 times a week. Of course, training and a good diet comes with it, as should be expected. But right now, building a near-Boyka physique doesn’t seem so hard after all! I’ve grown noticeably bigger in 3 weeks and even my fiancee is loving the results. Best of all, the results I’ve been getting don’t hinder my martial arts skills one bit, and I feel stronger than ever. I’ll definitely be posting my own results pretty soon. Here’s the site again in case you missed it:

Click Here to Build Proportional, Lean Muscle



To a Body like Boyka!